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When the close season comes too early and we're all chewing the carpet

Monday’s Star stares back sullenly from the table. Between August and the start of May I bloody love the Monday Star. Not just the report on the Wednesday match (a mixed blessing over 17/18) but all the other local stuff and all the weekend’s results and League tables. It usually lasts me for Monday night and a quick read over breakfast on Tuesday morning. But not today Zurg. It’s the close season.

It’s bad enough that the season has ended but...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Who should go, stay and what should the squad look like?

The final quarter of the 17/18 season was pretty positive – top 6 form, confidence levels rising, some of the injured players getting back and performing well, other players taking their chance under a new regime, and young players getting a chance and seizing it etc. Katrien Miere also seems to be making an impact too by getting players signed up early and releasing those we won’t need.  I feel far more optimistic than I did in May 2017 but...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Reflections on a turbulent season at Hillsborough

When reflecting on a past season it’s always helpful to start with what were the hopes and fears at the start of that season. In summer 2017 I still had a major hangover from the play-off defeat to Huddersfield and my doubts about CC were strong – he should have gone in May 2017. I was worried about our player recruitment, the lack of exits, the age balance and sustainability of the squad, and that we didn’t sign what we...

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With safety now secured, what lies ahead?

I was in the Algarve on Easter holiday for the defensive catastrophe at QPR and the win at Hull. I kept up with developments via Twitter and Live Score; for the first half of the Hull game over lunch and a beer, and the second half whilst simultaneously watching Quateriense take a first half lead in a 2-0 win in the semi-professional Algarve League! Much relief all-round that we got the result we needed to secure safety with 3 games...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Thoughts after Elland Rd and the International Break

Way back in the days of my youth I remember experiencing near frostbite on an uncovered Kop with little more than a denim jacket to protect me from the elements – parental advice to wear something more suitable having been waved away with teenage indifference. But at Dirty L**ds the other Saturday I had accepted the sage advice that comes from the passing of the years and wrapped up warm, but nonetheless I was as cold as I have been...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
It's a tough gig for Jos just now, some thoughts on his predicament

The game against Ipswich was a very difficult watch, I expected it wouldn’t be easy but it was worse than that. Many fans thought the worst and gave it a miss as, despite what the official figure says, there were more like 18,00 there than 22,000. Clearly many of the players who started the game are either just not good enough and/or their confidence is lower than a snakes belly at the moment. But post-match JL came in for as...

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