The TDD Hangover
Yet another anti-climax of a deadline day. Should we be relieved or chewing the carpet?

Late to bed and early up, despite being on leave? It can only have been the Last Day of the Transfer Window. The morning after feels much the same as it always does – “How was it for you?” “How was what?” On Five Live all the talk is about who ended up not going where and on Twitter it’s all about whether Wednesday did the business by doing very little business.

Anyone who knows me knows that the key move I was looking for was to see Forestieri on his way; a combination of his periodic tantrums and his not putting in enough of a shift adding up to too much hassle. This was also driven by not wanting to see Jordan Rhodes go; I think the prevailing view is that Wednesday have a gem in JR but that CC needs to work out how best to use him and give him the right sort of service. The very fact that the likes of Wolves and Sunderland were sniffing around, meaning that the possibility of selling Rhodes did seem to be on the table, was at best unsettling and at worst inexplicable.

The signings made during the last few days both seem sound, although our excitement at signing van Aken was slightly tempered by a realistic assessment of the quality of the Dutch top-flight where he seems to have been such a hit. But the bottom line is that we needed more centre backs and now we have some.

So that, and the creeping spectre of Financial Fair Play, meant that yesterday always felt more about who we were going to sell rather than who we were out to buy. The most unsettling wind that blew through the Shakespeare where a few of us were gathered was a tweet from the Birmingham Mail saying that Brum were about to pay £7m plus a player exchange for Tom Lees. Sometimes it’s only when the possibility of something emerges that you are reminded how much it would be a bad thing. But ultimately it turned out to just be just TDD speculation.

As the night progressed news on FF (and Teflon Nuhiu who somehow manages to stay wrapped up indoors every time a transfer window opens) singularly failed to materialise. Instead, just when we thought it was all over came news of the Winnall/Butterfield loan swap. I think we are all up for being convinced on what Butterfield will bring us but letting Winnall go has created a ripple of conflicting views on Twitter. Some of us are open-mouthed that a man who seemed to have such potential has been so sparingly used by CC and has now been allowed to leave. Crucially Winnall seemed to have the right attitude, reacting pragmatically to Nuhiu finding his buns on the bench on occasions when Sam was excluded entirely. Not how FF would react is my guess. On the other hand someone on Twitter referred to him as a “Poundshop Rhodes” and could see no problem with his going. And at the end of the day it is for now just a loan.

Those with long memories might remember the David Hirst/Benito Carbone spat many years ago after which one of the biggest heroes of his generation was despatched to Southampton whilst Beni remained in situ. Seems an unlikely parallel given that FF was the man penalised after his dust-up with Winnall but for me, once again, the wrong one’s gone.

Also an honourable mention for Lewis McGugan, finally released from the Purgatory of the last year. We’ve all puzzled over why things panned out as they did after such a promising start. The overarching issue of who makes the decisions and what happens if the manager isn’t cool with that continues to lurk in the background but we can only be relieved for Lewis and wish him all the very best for the future.

So anyway, after all that we are where we are. None of the players we feared might go have gone, whilst those who some of us felt were surplus to requirements are still here and so need to get their heads down and get on with it. Another point that was made on Twitter is that we can only sell players who people want to buy; maybe the reputation of some of our potentially sellable assets has run ahead of them and made them too big a risk for anyone else. It’s up to them to prove the world wrong, starting with Forest a week tomorrow.    

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