It's Still Twenty Pounds. Or Is It?
More responses to the Derby Day Debacle. Then We Move On.

I won't go into details about that shocking display as I am sure that you have received more than enough reaction.
As I write this at 2.45pm, more or less 48 hours after the debacle, and having seen some of CC's comments at his press briefing, I cannot believe that we have not heard one apology from players, coaches, or Mr Chansiri himself. Lee Bullen must surely know how gut wrenching that shambles makes us feel, so I can only conclude that someone has decided ' least said soonest mended' . Big mistake!. Shirt sales will be even lower ( that's if they ever arrive ), unless we turn L***s over next Sunday. A repeat of last Sunday's appalling performance and it will be amazing if the chorus isn't "Carlos out" &"You're not fit to wear the shirt"
As you know, I have always been a CC advocate, but his attitude to this defeat has undermined my support.

Ian Richmond

They were not prepared for the ferocity and passion of the Steel City Derby. All week the interviews were bland announcements of how they had experienced so called 'derbies.' Players talking about Burnley and Blackburn. Whenever has that been a derby? A rivalry perhaps, but no more than that. The only real 'derbies' in my book are two teams playing in the same city. It is Sheffield Wednesday versus Sheffield United! 

Where was the rousing, impassioned fever pitch of emotion in the pre-match hype from the manager and players? Instead they were trying to to take the emotion out of the game and play with their heads. What!  Perhaps, we are paying for indolent footballers with padded wallets who care little or nothing about the true nature of the fans historical allegiances. Money has insulated them from the fans reality of hard work and the value of the fans emotions.   

As for the match; where were the leaders in the team? Where was the resolve and resilience? Where was the fight and struggle? Again, in their pampered existence, the money has isolated them from the adversity of modern life, unlike the fans

The Steel City Derby seemed to pass them by as another game. Only three points as one manager famously said and look what happened to him. I agree with Steve, the club, the staff and the players owe the fans an apology for the dismal display. The pressure is mounting, especially if they do not get a win at Birmingham and at least a draw against Leeds. Questions will be asked about the recruitment policy and pricing policy which deserved to be asked after all it is 'our' club and we deserve better.

David Lincoln  

I think your latest article encapsulated perfectly what a lot of dazed, disappointed and frankly, quite angry supporters felt on Sunday.

I am 63 and have been to many derby matches. I can honestly say that on Sunday that was the most abject first 45+ minutes I've ever seen from a Sheffield Wednesday team.  I have never been one for shouting the odds at managers or calling for them to be sacked but, as you say, I think I'm one of those supporters who is coming round to that way of thinking. 

On the pitch, the players have to take responsibility for the poor performance but off the pitch it is entirely the manager's responsibility to mentally and physically prepare the team. In that respect Carlos failed totally. I hear he had been quoted as saying the derby game was just no different to any other and that three points was all it meant. Of course, three points from it is what we wanted but I'm afraid he totally misread the mood of the supporters and more importantly, the seriousness in which United would approach the game. As you say, we have a team of good individuals on their day but I'm afraid United played exactly that UNITED and so the better team won.

I agree that the only two Wednesday players to emerge from that debacle with any credit are Hooper, who looked a class above the others and Joao. On the latter, surely he deserves more of run in the side? I also think that the Man-of-the-Match was young Brooks of United who looked a good player. It's true that Wilder was struggling in the forward options but Brooks stepped up to the plate and was more of a man in my opinion than some of our so called senior professionals who should hang their heads in shame. On that point, why not give young George Hirst a try seeing as United have given Brooks his chance?

At this moment in time, still smarting from that terrible performance, I would shed a tear if Carlos was sacked. That is something I would never have contemplated at the start of the season.

Ray Cundy

The responses above, those on local radio and social media have been pretty consistent in the main. Fans wanted some recognition of the monumental failure that Sunday presented and want to be confident lessons have been learnt. A minority have stuck by the team, and Carlos, and adopted the "it was one game - we have to move on to the future" position. That was the one taken by CC in his pre-Birmingham Press Conference when he looked and sounded like a man who was under pressure. The £20 note stunt got the media attention and the subsequent coverage that I gamble it was expected to do. It was noble of him to take the Mourinho approach of defending his players in public, and I fully understand that, if they are being royally laid into in private, but do we think that's happening? All I wanted was a simple acceptance from the club that it was a terrible performance and that they understood what a defeat like that meant to the fans. Anyway we didn't quite get that but we'll have to take CC's anger as an indication that at least they do, I hope that same anger and passion is instilled into the team before kick-off tonight.

Se we now move on to Birmingham where defeat cannot be contemplated, where a draw is the absolute minimum and a win is really needed. Will CC shuffle the pack or give those who failed abysmally on Sunday the chance to redeem themselves? We will see. But I hope we see the commitment, fight and passion that was missing on Sunday - that change would help enormously.

Steve Walmsley

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