The Carlos Situation
A couple of responses from WOTMT readers

Many thanks for a voice of sanity amid the storm of rumours and fake news. I agree with your conclusion that CC will probably stay in post, thereby damaging irreparably our prospects for promotion this season.

I have become increasingly uneasy with the cosy relationship that has been forged between him and the chairman. In my experience, cosiness breeds complacency, and this appears to be systemic in our club. 

Despite DC's assertion that premiership football is his immediate objective, he seems content to allow things to tick over, and has no intention of upsetting the apple cart, in the face of  genuine concerns about the commercial side of the club and matters on the field. He is the absentee landlord, happy to leave day-to-day affairs in the hands of his appointees. How else can one account for the parlous state of affairs surrounding S6?

I re-read your own thoughtful piece in September regarding structural change, and applaud the idea of a D of F. Clearly, his responsibilities would need careful enumeration, but the idea has much to commend it.

In the meantime, DC might profit from a telephone conversation with one Milan Mandaric, who had his ear to the ground and never fudged a tough decision. He could learn much from him! However, all of this seems unlikely. Things will stumble along as before, CC taking familiar refuge in obfuscation and denial while supporters' ire justifiably intensifies, and they begin to vote with their feet.

Finally, if you will allow, I need to get off my chest my frustration at the decision to abandon our cherished blue and white stripes for the utterly featureless kit introduced against the wishes of our fans this season. Sheffield Wednesday occupies a special place in the hearts of our loyal, long suffering fans. Only someone who does not understand how our club is part of the very fabric and folklore of our city could have acted so arbitrarily. I am very disappointed; end of rant!

Keep up the good work. I rely on WOTMT for balanced, intelligent opinion.

Denis Wilson

I am still of the mind (deranged possibly) that we should stick with Carlos. He is not infallible and by no means do I agree with all his decisions, but that is with the luxury of hindsight in many instances as it is with most of us. What I do believe though is that the groundswell of anti-Carlos feeling is unfairly exacerbated as a result of the shocking inadequacies of the club as a whole. These are the shirt issue, watch fiasco, below standard merchandise etc as has been well catalogued by Steve and Paul.

Ian Richmond

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