An Angry Fan Speaks
In response to our current circumstances A fan lets rip

It's a long time since I've felt so depressed about my club. We've had poor sides before, lots of them! But I can't remember a side so rich with potential talent under-performing so much and lacking so much heart and passion. And what makes it worse is that I can't see how, as things stand, it can get any better. My concerns, which I'm sure are shared by many, is that our owner is a man who does not like to be questioned. It's almost as if, when it happens, he takes it as a personal attack and lashes out or clams up. I can't believe that he runs his "proper" business like he is running Wednesday. Does he run it without specialist advisors and experts? Does he have a board which consists of himself and a CEO who failed spectacularly at her last company? I imagine that there are shareholders to answer to and board members whose opinions he HAS to listen to. But here, he is king (should that be dictator?) of all he surveys.

He must know, (or at least have been told) that to get out of this league, you need a manager who knows the standard and style, and can build a side with character, purpose and unity. Although my brain is desperately trying to put my fingers in to spasm to prevent me writing this, you only have to look across the city! (God,that hurt!!)

When I think back to those who used to moan at Milan to "get his hand in his pocket" the phrase, "be careful what you wish for," springs to mind. A nice, level pitch and a flashy scoreboard are hardly compensation for a team we can get behind, roar on, and applaud off regardless of the result.

It seems churlish to want a new owner after the guy has invested so much if his own money, but his inability to understand the city, the club, the fans or the demands of the EFL, means I wish he would look to sell. And now Jos!  He may he missing a couple of dangerous strikers and our best midfielder, but other than that he has a full squad to pick from. This refusal, in a time of crisis, to call on the older but experienced players is a disgrace.  His inability to settle on a defensive formation or line-up means no partnerships can develop and no-one seems to know their job or responsibility. And where is the leader? Where's the Semedo, the Carlton, the Lyons, the Pearson, the Reda, the Bullen?  All the successful sides in my time of watching the Owls, (hardly missed a home game in 43 years), have had a solid, almost permanent back 4. And now, he blames the players, claiming they can't play above 25 games a season! Why? Aren't they fit? Don't they have the ability? Is it in their contracts?  Are they too old? Do they need a note from their mum? A statement like this needs some serious backing up, otherwise it looks a lot like a bad workman blaming his tools. I don’t want to see another manager go, because it’s an admission of failure and puts us back a few more months before the new guy settles in. But I'm afraid I can't see any alternative.

But hey ho. It's nearly Christmas.  Guess what I want from Santa!?



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