Five Questions for the Fans Forum
If you are going to the Forum tonight let's try to use it as an opportunity to build something

There are some obvious questions about current team performances and the effectiveness of players and manager, fans will ask those I am sure, but I think there are wider issues beyond those that need to be addressed.

On a broader front it would be better if we could get some unanimity between fans and club hierarchy on what it is realistically possible for our club to achieve in the Championship given its size, attendances and resource base, and also recognising that it does not have PL parachute payments, and that it wants to comply with P&S rules. In short, setting and managing expectations. So therefore I have 5 questions for the club to answer:

1. Will the club establish an effective two-way conversation between the club and fans – not just large forums, but also a sophisticated survey (not a single loaded question), smaller fan forums and well-structured focus groups? That process would need some independent management to ensure all parties have confidence in the process. Hopefully that would produce consensus between club and fans about what our realistic expectations are and will hopefully produce a shared understanding of:

  • What the club can contribute to achieving objectives
  • What the owner can contribute to achieving objectives
  • What fans can contribute to achieving objectives

2. Will the club utilise the learning from the above process to inform a future strategy for the club that both the club and fans can sign up to?

3. Where do we sit in relation to P&S rules and what are the scale of the actions the club will have to take in order to remain compliant and avoid further transfer embargoes or a reference to an EFL Disciplinary Commission?

4. What has been learnt by the club from how we got from May 2016 to where we are now and what gives us confidence that we won’t make the same mistakes again?

5. Will the club commit to try to be a major institution in city life, reaching out to the community, being open and accessible, having active engagement with the voluntary and charity sector, and a clear strategy for supporting community sports clubs etc with gifts for raffles and gifts in kind?

It would be great to receive a positive response from the club so that we can try to build a shared future. The alternative is a club that is divided and one that will surely fail.



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