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Relegation Looms. Where Now For The Club?

After the semi-final defeat against Huddersfield in May 2017 I sat with mates in the New Barrack Tavern as we cried into our beer. I had dark forebodings about what the future had in store for SWFC. It felt like that was the end of a short, positive era and we would move into an altogether more difficult time. On 17 March 2021 we again drew again 1-1 with Huddersfield after 90 minutes that, coupled with Birmingham’s 2-1 win, effectively ended...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Would the S6 handcart currently trundling towards hell be going any slower if the fans were in?

One of the dominant media themes across this season has been “what would be different if the fans were in?” As examples the pundits perennially bang on about whether Liverpool would have dipped as they have if Anfield was full, and closer to home whether that lot across the City would be just that bit closer to safety if Bluntiful Downtown Bramall Stye was full of people eating greasy chip butties and swigging Magnet.

So as the Wednesday season continues to...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Our Mate Richard from NBT let's rip about the current state of our club

Not so long ago the Coventry defeat would have hurt. I’d be stewing on it after. I’d be itching for the next game. Not now. The owner has driven that out of me. No one else has. He has. I haven’t grown out of it. I haven’t moved on. I love my football club. But not this shits-how masquerading as the thing I fell in love with one April afternoon in 1984. The owner has, consciously or not, squirrelled inside...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
The problems at SWFC and in the wider game - some thoughts

When DC appointed Tony Pulis many fans, including me, were positive because it seemed that in response to our club being in a mess DC had decided to bring in a senior figure in the game to get a real hold of what needed to be done. Anyone who knows anything about TP knows that if he gets on well with a Chairman it’s fine but if he doesn’t then problems might arise. Did DC and Mr Paixao understand this...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Gavin Blackwell reflects on the Tony Pulis appointment

One factor of football that remains ever constant when the leaves drop off the trees in Autumn, and the arrival of wet weather and heavy pitches, is the traditional wave of manager departures. The middle week of November alone saw two Championship clubs lose faith and with it the main man being shown the door.

This is a decision that effects so many people in a football club. From the managers secretary right down the academy. I can recall in November 1997...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Thoughts on an eventful week so far at S6

When Garry Monk was appointed there was a fairly negative reaction from lots on fans on Twitter etc. This was reflected in the next paper WOTMT with plenty of captions addressing these points. During his reign that negativity followed him right up until the day of his departure. I always hoped he might come good, and on Boxing Day at 3pm, I thought he might be set fair, but the collapse at the Britannia Stadium haunted the rest of his...

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