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Green shoots of optimism for the blue and white wizards?

So, at around 2.00 on Saturday I had finished painting the door and found myself contemplating paying for a Wednesday i-follow match for the first time. I’d got the hand of working the thing when the club offered me ten i-follow games at the end of last season as part of the season ticket compensation; up until then I had generally followed away games (unless it was one of the few I could get to in person) on Radio Sheff. So it...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Thoughts before we start all over again

These are tough times at the moment and football is not insulated, although looking at the way some of the PL clubs are spending cash you would be hard put to think that’s the case. But for the vast majority of EFL clubs the times are really tough, and in that context, I accept that it can be hard work to drum up some optimism at the start of a new league season. Our club is having to retrench financially...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Given the decision of L1 and L2 clubs on wage caps, should the Championship clubs do something radical too?

The salary caps rules agreed by L1 and L2 clubs on 7th August mean that there will be a massive financial gap in the future between the Championship and L1. A maximum £2.5m wages budget limit would be dwarfed by the SWFC wages budget were we to drop into L1. This might look like drastic action by L1 clubs but it is fully understandable in the circumstances.

The fundamental problem is the unequal distribution of TV monies around the football system...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
WOTMT thoughts on what needs to happen now at our club

Last Summer, even when Steve Bruce was around, we knew that everything needed to drop into place nicely – form, fitness, attitude – for us to have a tilt at even a play-off place. Prospects looked worse after SB left but Garry Monk got decent results out of the squad until Xmas, and then it all went belly up and we have looked a relegation team since. The EFL disciplinary process has ground on so slowly, further undermining confidence. In...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
There has been much recent debate about race and football. We asked Wednesday fan 'David' to share his views. We have protected his real name.

I have been an avid Wednesday fan since I was a teen. I have also been a season ticket holder for the past 20 years and attend both the home and away games. I first started going to Hillsborough in 1974 (14 years old). I attended with my “white” friends and we all lived in an all-white part of the city. As most people are aware attending matches in the 70’s and 80’s was not necessarily the safest place to...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Wednesday behind closed doors - how is for you?

As the rigours of Lockdown got under way, Steve and I floated the idea of us running an online version of WOTMT which people could get by giving £1 towards charity. However the overwhelming feedback from our online subscribers and the Twittersphere was that this wouldn’t really fly; people said that buying a fanzine is part of the whole match-day experience and if it was separated from that it just wouldn’t be the same.

We didn’t know then that the whole...

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