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There were few better days out than when a Wednesday win was followed by Frank White belting some tunes out

Early yesterday morning my phone dinged with a new text. It said simply "Did you know Frank White has passed?" Up until then I didn’t, and like so many people I was massively sad to hear the news.

So, why is a little tribute to a local legend turning up on a Wednesday fanzine site? Because for me – and quite a few other people – days out watching Wednesday and Frank’s performances were sometimes closely linked. Some of my favourite...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
WOTMT plans during the current hiatus

Faced with the current (hopefully temporary) very changed world, we have been thinking through what we do with War of the Monster Trucks until we come out on the other side. One option we were thinking about was to produce an online version of WOTMT laid out like the printed fanzine, asking people to donate to our chosen charity and we would send them a copy. However as the news has got increasingly miserable we now think that this is probably not the...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Your Thoughts are Needed

Quite rightly, given the terrible COVID-19 crisis, we are all locked down and fans going to football matches is off the agenda for some time. This of course means that our plans for producing Issue 43 of the fanzine and selling it at the final 3 games of the season have gone too. We think we have 3 possible options:

1. We can just park everything and save the pieces we have until whenever we can produce a fanzine to sell...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Plans for the 3rd paper edition of WOTMT are now in place

The 3rd edition of the fanzine for the 19/20 season will be on sale in April - further details on sales etc to follow.

We are now seeking contributions for the fanzine - they can be angry, sad or funny, whether about Wednesday or football in general. Articles, cartoons and poems are all welcome. You know the kind of stuff we like to publish. It isn't quiet in the world of Wednesday at the moment so there is plenty to go at!


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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
5 years into DC's regime, where are we now?

29th January 2010 was the point at which DC concluded his deal with Milan Mandaric to buy our club. Exactly 5 years into this ownership I posed the question on Twitter as to whether the club is in a better position now than it was then. The responses indicate there is still a fair bit of support/sympathy for DC but also a lot of criticism too. The supportive approach was along the lines of; we nearly achieved promotion, we gave it...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
...or why some pants is better than no pants at all

The pages of WOTMT and here on-line are often garlanded with people talking about the great matches in Wednesday history – what they remember, stand-out moments, all that. In one of the All Wednesday fanzines last year Richard Jones even reminisced about missing a memorable game (the play-off final in Cardiff) through an unfortunate holiday booking. But what about when you miss a game that will go down in the annals as pretty much rock-bottom?

Earnshaw the football god bowled me...

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