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...or why some pants is better than no pants at all

The pages of WOTMT and here on-line are often garlanded with people talking about the great matches in Wednesday history – what they remember, stand-out moments, all that. In one of the All Wednesday fanzines last year Richard Jones even reminisced about missing a memorable game (the play-off final in Cardiff) through an unfortunate holiday booking. But what about when you miss a game that will go down in the annals as pretty much rock-bottom?

Earnshaw the football god bowled me...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Thoughts on a thing that is impacting on our club

I write this the day after a fantastic win at Forest. It was game in which we started well at a good tempo, got into their faces, played some good football and were ruthless in front of goal. It was tremendous to see Jordan Rhodes bag a hat-trick as part of a fine team performance, both he and the team have to maintain those standards going forward. As we now sit we are fifth in the table with 36 points...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Delighted to confirm details of Issue 42 of WOTMT

We are delighted that Issue 42 of the paper WOTMT will be on sale on Saturday 7th December before the Brentford  game. We will have sellers on Penistone Rd and on Parkside Rd near the South Stand bridge. Price is £1.50 and all proceeds are going to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. Correct change if possible please!

The fanzine will also be on sale in the New Barrack Tavern, Hillsborough Hotel and in The Riverside Cafe Bar.

Mail orders are still being taken and can...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Following on from the recent piece on Mr Chansiri's running of the club we received this blog. We are happy to publish it and are very supportive of it's aims. Who else is with James?.

The recent blog by Steve Walmsley (Leaving Things to Chansiri) was a tour de force in explaining the litany of errors and mistakes that have led our beloved football club in its current situation.

They include those below…

  • Failure to invest in the creation of modern and effective football and commercial infrastructure.
  • Lack of proper management structure at executive level that leaves all decision-making resting in the hands of the owner.
  • High ticket price policy that causes alienation among the fanbase.
  • Terrible player recruitment...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
We have received 3 responses to the last piece on DC's running of the club. Two of them are here and we will post another one tomorrow


A really great summary of where we are. Yep I feel totally dis-engaged from the club & suspect there are probably many others who feel the same, (but who knows?). You feel so helpless in the sense what can you do? If you write no one replies, particularly if you are critical in any way. Chansiri gives the impression he's doing everything he can and anyone suggesting a alternative strategy is being ultra-critical and doesn't understand the situation. 


We know he...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Wrote this piece for the paper fanzine which it will still appear in but the times mean it's good to publish it now

I start from the premise that football clubs are usually in better hands when the fans own and control them, but I recognise that in the crazy world of football finances at Championship level and above, that model struggles to hack it. Moneyed people (usually men) are the ones that tend to hold sway and a consequence of that is that it is a massive gamble on what type of owner you end up with. After Milan Mandaric’s ability to...

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