What's The Plan Now Mr C?
A WOTMT reader sends an impassioned message to the Chairman

In March 2015 Mr Chansiri took over as the new Chairman/Owner of Sheffield Wednesday. After years of struggling in the Championship with regular relegation battles and one of the lowest wage bills in the League the long suffering Wednesdayites were about to embark on a very different journey. To quote Mr C at the time - "Everywhere I go in Sheffield and England I see the huge importance of this club not just for Sheffield but within the whole football family". “I intend to the respect the rich football heritage of the club and its supporters are rightly proud of ". “We want to be back in the Premier League to coincide with our 150 year anniversary ".


If you look back there were many things said including what a good job Stuart Gray had done under difficult circumstances. Fast forward a few months to the end of that season and Stuart had gone, something that drew quite a bit of criticism at the time from fans and local media, let’s not forget Wednesday had finished in a respectable mid-table position with the 4th best defensive record in the League - scoring goals was the problem. But to quote Mr C again, he thanked Stuart for the work he had done but "the club were going in a different direction now."

Everyone waited for the big name Manger to appear - then Carlos arrived. Let's be honest nobody saw that appointment coming - then a few players appeared & not the usual free transfers/loans we had all been used to. I remember thinking at the time this going one of two ways - we'll fly up the table or completely flop. Well, nobody needs me to remind them of what happened then or the following season - but 3 and a bit years on my prediction is that at the end of the season we will be where we were when the journey started – a mid-table Championship side - but with a much worse defensive record, a huge wage bill, the highest ticket prices in the Championship, no real saleable assets & possible the worst scenario- our neighbours who were in total turmoil 3 years ago could be in the Premier League! It's truly frightening to see how it's gone so wrong.

I've attended a fans forum - you cannot question Chansiri's passion - but wow he has taken some bad advice, made some bad decisions, and seems unable to listen and change his mind . He said at the beginning he wasn't going to splash the cash and he may not have spent as much as some but he has pushed up against FFP rules and wasted loads of money on poor players & old players past their best. He mentioned at the last fans forum that we could have ticket prices at the level they were before he came but we would have to put up with the same standard of football as then - !?! - isn't that where we actually are now? And God it so hurts me to say it but - look what's been achieved over the city with a good scouting system a staff with in depth  knowledge the Championship and lower leagues and a much lower wage structure!!

Over the years Sheffield has had 2 clubs neither having every achieved anything in terms of silverware or challenging at the top level - a city for years producing poor football teams. I don't want to see Liverpool, Man Utd or Arsenal shirts in town - Wednesday are never going to be a global brand so let's re group at first base by starting getting closer to our local community. I don't really want to see a City full of the other Sheffield clubs shirts either but if the worst happens and they get promoted we may see it. So Mr C, you tried with the plan to spend your way into the Premier League and we're grateful for that but now it's time for a change - closer ties to the fans, affordable prices, let's try and build more support from the local community, more information about what's happening with injuries - the vibe coming out of Hillsborough isn't good and hasn't been for some time.

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