Still Wednesday after all these fears
We will get our Wednesday back - just hang on in there

Most mornings now I get up and fire Twitter up. And most mornings it doesn’t disappoint – some clips or pictures usually of better days gone by for SWFC. Today’s is a picture of Andy Pearce who is apparently celebrating his 54th birthday. Recently – as April rolls on – there has been loads of 91 and 93 Cup Final stuff (and even that fantastic snap of people queueing in their overcoats outside the Gate and the Travellers before getting their charas for the 1966 FA Cup Final).

Some people might say that all this stuff is living in the past, but I reckon a lot of that is that it feels a bit too raw to live in the present. It is quite painful to think about life immediately before the virus, and even if you do the weeks prior to the shutdown were fairly rubbish for Wednesdayites. Although there are clearly much bigger fish frying at the moment, living without football is desperate. But even when it does come back we will still be staring this season’s misery full in the face – the potential (and likely) points deduction, the lack of a team spirit on the pitch, the lack of collective faith in both the Chairman and the Manager.

An optimist might say that maybe when some sort of reality does start to return there might be some sort of blue and white epiphany. I don’t think there’s any danger of the EFL relenting but what about in the Boardroom and on the pitch? The signs aren’t encouraging – over recent days we’ve had Chris Waddle reigniting his criticism of the Chairman’s approach, and Barry Bannan saying how much he would like to play for Brentford! And of course all this is underpinned by the knowledge that some full-on Wednesdayites won’t be there to see it whatever happens (including the wonderful Barry Birks – properly remembered in Steve’s last article).  

But the bottom line is that we can’t wait to see it back. Even if games start off behind closed doors, the prospect of watching Wednesday in first team action – even if it is on the telly with the effing and jeffing of the coaching team in full audio effect - is compelling. It will still be our team playing once again.

For me at least, living without it has meant that memories of the last match I saw are unexpectedly vivid. For a time I wasn’t sure about whether I even wanted to go to the Man City game – ticket prices higher than they needed to be, live on the telly and a potential tatering on the cards. But of course I relented and even treated myself to a night in the South Stand.

Images stick in my mind, reinforced by the fact that I was - unusually - sat on my own with only my own thoughts for company. Seeing one of the best two teams in the country putting out a decent squad in their sunburst kit (even if sadly no De Bruyne) and Wednesday managing to mount a sterling defence in largely keeping them at bay. A decent turnout and being close enough to the benches to watch Guardiola in action. Hearing some proper noise from both sets of fans despite it being on the telly.  And strangest of all seeing a queue of people in the half-time toilets waiting to wash their hands, even though at the time none of us could have known the state of the iceberg that that was the tip of.  

And so for now we are where we are. As Steve rightly pointed out in his last article, the Bill Shankly quote quickly loses its football comedy value in the current situation. But that doesn’t mean that we any of us have lost sight of the importance of Wednesday in our lives. Like the famous old stadium, like the New Barracks Tavern (sponsor a stool by the way, if you haven’t already) and like those owd lads stood on the corner selling you War of the Monster Trucks it will all come back. And when it does, even if we lose twenty points, even if we have a few players who want away, and even if we see a change of Manager and even possibly Chairman, none of it will matter because it’s our Wednesday and we will finally have it back. We’re All Wednesday Aren’t We and no pesky virus will ever change that. Stay safe all.

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